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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

The Boutique realtors share a love of quality & design, and they always put buyers before everything else.

Their responsiveness and attention to detail are second to none.

The experience and customer service are unparalleled in the industry!

Michele is a very knowledgeable, experienced, and insightful realtor. Finding qualified tenants and treated my rental as if it were her own. The tenants she helped me find are wonderful and I would not have found them without her.

Michele sold my home in Westchester County. She was extremely professional and went out of her way to prepare my home to perfection. She takes her profession very serious. What I didn't know until many years later is that she sold my home flawlessly under the duress of caring for her son who was diagnosed with cancer. Highly respected for this amazing mom!

AWESOME!! Above and beyond for their clients. Finds you the home you need, doesn't pressure you and stays in-tune with their clients needs. 

I can't speak highly enough about Michele and her skills in Real Estate. Her intuitive experience and professional demeanor speaks for itself. She will EXCEED your expectations. 

Our temporary housing disaster was resolved within days. They work for you, with you, and on target. 

From the moment she came onto the radar during my new apartment search was incredibly fortuitous for myself, and without exaggerating was the pivotal person I required to safeguard my very survival as a normal working person.

I appealed to her one day meeting her at the post office to help me in a situation where I had fallen in with a fraudulent estate management operation - she immediately took action to advise me, console me, and immediately stepped up to help me navigate out of the situation and into a new apartment.

Finding the new apartment with Michele was like being nursed. She understood my needs immediately, put in extra hours, made herself available at every moment she was needed, and did all she possibly could to see that I was placed into a new living space that was MY DREAM COME TRUE. By the end of the next day, negotiations and signing - she actually took time out to drive and get the keys, deliver checks and contracts ( which required several trips) - I was in a constant state of gratitude with her. I remember just repeating "thank you" so many times to her, because she was EXACTLY what I needed at the time I desperately needed her.

She is an exceptional person, let alone an exceptional realtor.

I have never heard anyone ever say that they will always remember the "realtor that saved my family and I" - but this is so true of me talking of Michele Bell !

I can honestly say Michele was the pivotal person in my starting a new life in Bronxville, New York with my daughter!!!

You are amazing Michele Bell - Thank you so much!!! :-)

(if you want my story - you can read the article in the New York Post - and I am more than willing to relay this story to anyone that would ask me to.

A reliable, trustworthy, hardworking individual, she made the process of renting two of my homes easy and relaxing.



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