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The Enslin Upstate NY Haunted House Listed at $444,444

Six immaculate generations of nine ghastly guardians, listed by Holistic Broker/Owner, and Intuitive, Michele Cynthia is up for grabs right now. The Enslin House is packed full of unexpected goings-on, creepy interiors and things that go bump in the night​. Are you brave enough to take this ghostly gorgeous treasure on?

There’s something indescribably beautiful when spirits interact-crossing boundaries from worlds unseen into ours here below…

It’s believed notorious American gangster, Jack “Legs” Diamond also known as Gentleman Jack visited the home during the Prohibition era. But that’s not all, the house protects its owners and those who enter that possess a negative force, will be unexpectedly notified by the spirits.

We have filmed in the home, it’s listed on Location Hub, Air BnB, but mostly its word of mouth.

With the help of the New York Post article and many other news media outlets, The Enslin Haunted House exposed is a a great advantage. Listed by The Boutique Real Estate Firm in Westchester County, where Michele created her own sanctuary for the past 30 years intuitively selling real estate.

She feels that this is a home of protection and guidance, so she’s priced it at $444,444. The number four has been known to be an auspicious number for shamans like herself who need all the help they can get on their journey in helping families transition, literally. That’s a whole other story.

For now…

The sale will offer sanctuary from those forces seeking to harm us – physically or mentally – the home has protected her, it will also protect the next owner.

“I will always have delicious memories of growing up inside this home,” she said. “This house is my muse, where I wrote my 15x award-winning screenplay and book. The home is blessed with lots of unconditional love” Michele Cynthia

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